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An awe-inspiring collection

‘A poised attitude!’ – This I think should be the definition of a Pendant. “Pendant” word actually originated from French word “Pend re”, which means ‘to hang down’! Many of us only know that heavy, gaudy and precious jewelries were only part of ancient times. But actually pendants were there from the beginning, but might be with some other names. Rock shells pendants or the pendants made from native materials were very much in use during old times. In fact troglodytes also carried this piece of ornament around their neck.
Now also, fashion is taking a back gear and bringing back some memories from past. Old and antique style pendants are quite a craze these days among youngsters. Today, pendants are not only limited to women brigade, but also for men and even kids too. They come in a wide range of varieties that it suits everyone! Spiritual pendants are also making style statements these days. Not only old and religious people are wearing such pendants, but youths also wearing it so …

Finger Rings are having their own Significance and Specialty

This is a small, round and beautiful band worn around the finger. These are usually made of metals (original or artificial). Whether ring of an engagement finger, index, middle or the little one, rings are for all. In fact for thumb also, stunning rings are there. From having just one ring in your hand till having all the ringers studded with fingers – all this is in trend. A person’s gentle hand, which does all the work whole day, have all the rights to shine. A face can get its share of brightness from make-up or touch-up. But same can’t be done for hands too! Yes big bands like bangles and bracelets can give helping hands but only to the wrist, and not to the palms or fingers!
Only finger rings fits into this zone. You need not wait for your wedding or getting committed to wear this small band around your finger, nor is any special occasion needed. Just your wish and your choice is what matters here. Adorn your fingers with diamond rings, pearl or gold rings, or may be a silver ring…

Pota Jewelry Shades of Heaven


Kundan Jhumkas, Stone Jhumkas = A Poetical Paradise

Indian traditional jewelry is incomplete without Kundan ornaments. It is simply an eccentric fusion of gold and stones. Stones having essence of gold foil around and in between – this is striking and arresting look of Kundan jewelry. Molten gold of highly polished and purified form is what Kundan actually means.
Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewelry are other names for Kundan jewelry. It is having a great history - having its roots in Delhi during the time of Mughals. That time, only royal and majestic classes used to adorn themselves with Kundan jewelry. Later all Kundan artists moved to Rajasthan, and after that this state got the name of preparing the supreme quality Kundan jewelry.

A gorgeous neck-piece and a perfect pair of Kundan jewelry is all what you want to give yourself a queen look. After all, in ancient times, all majestic ladies in Indian royal courts used to beautify their glory by wearing these Kundan jewelry pieces only!
Today’s women are following the same path by giving them thi…