Bangles – The Sparkling Rainbows

Round hollow balls that are worth more than a cricket ball or even more than a full moon for a woman! Yes, we are talking about bangles here. Most commonly worn by the women of South Asian countries – like India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It is known by several other name as well – Churi, Bangadi, Choodi, etc. Rigid bracelets, that are meant to be worn around the wrist, can be of glass, metal, plastic or even wood. They come in variety of colors and shades. Also for modern women, bangles are coming in different shapes even – shapes like square or triangle!!

Now-a-days almost everything can be purchased from online, so do bangles as well. Online sites are having beautiful collection of bangles from different brands. One can mark one’s wrist size and order the best suitable bangles for oneself from online. When it comes to Indian culture then bangles takes an indefinable place and importance in a married woman’s life. It is said to be unfortunate for a married woman to be without bangles. Even kids and young girls can also carry this beautiful ornament. It jells well especially with ethnic outfits like Saree, Lehnga-choli, Salwar-Suit, etc. Few (or even more) pieces of this jewelry can complete an ethnic look of a woman.

Bangles are usually worn in both the arms. As per tradition and pages of our history, women prefer wearing bangles made up of gold or glasses. But as time passes and women came out of the restricted boundaries and became more independent and stylish, they have started wearing plastic bangles more. Though even today also, when some occasion or festival knocks, glass or metal made bangles are still favoured.

One can imagine the significance of bangles for South Asian women by the fact that many movie songs are already composed on this piece of jewelry! Bangles might not give your face that glaze, but when a woman dresses up, she needs to focus on her hands after her face. A finger ring can only adorn the fingers not the whole hand, which actually the bangles can! Different regions are having their own specialty in bangles, so instead of running from one place to another in search of bangles, checking bangles online is advisable. It is considered a good practice because unique collection from all the places can be found altogether at a single stop that allows you to even compare them as well.

According to the old and traditional theory, it is said that this ornamental gift to a woman bangles online shopping instead she buys it herself. And if bangles are gifted to a woman by her better-half then it brings luck for the couple! More the colors in a woman’s bangles (in glass bangles), more will be the colors of love and happiness in her married life.Usually you can see these glass and metal bangles roadside or in the markets, but to find the unique and notable pieces, you might need to run from places to places. This can be prevented by online bangles shopping. It is like a one stop of all types of bangles from different places having different colors, designs and shapes. So don’t forget to make enough space in your wardrobe for this pleasing jewelry!


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