The rings of BEAUTY!!

Call it Bajuband, armlet, arm bracelet or just arm band – the thing is this beautiful ring brings a perfect blend of tradition and royalty to you. Carry it with western or traditional or ethnic wear, you will definitely going to shine anyway. This single piece though is not considered as a must in a woman’s jewelry box but yes now-a-days this traditional piece of jewelry is very much in trend.Previously brave male warriors used to wear it before going out for wars, as these bajubands actually symbolizes courage and hardihood. Some also says that this brings that never say die attitude with it. Traditionally this bajuband were meant to wear by men only. They wore bajubands in pair. But as the days of wars are gone, so bajubands also became limited to villages only. It was recent years only when this piece of jewelry came back in trend. Actually the youth brigade is following it more these days. Most of them prefer to wear it in a single arm only. Bajubands previously comes in single round shape only. They were heavy in weight during ancient times. Of course if warriors were wearing it then it was meant to be like that only. But now our somewhat fragile yet fashionable youths wearing it so now bajubands are coming in light weight. Also different shapes, styles and colors are quite common for bajubands.

Many online sites are making the availability of this ultra modern jewelry very easy. Bajubands for couples are also new trend. Unlike ancient times, women or girls are wearing it more these days. In mostly Rajasthani weddings, you can easily find a beautiful bajuband on the bride’s arm.It’s not necessary to wear heavy traditional or ethnic outfit to gel well with bajuband. One can match it well even with western dresses, especially one-pieces. A bajuband can give you a traditional look, a classy look, a royal look or even an exotic look too. Many attractive bajuband’s shapes are available to give a youth an exotic appeal – like crocodile or snake shaped bajuband. Such pieces are mainly worn by men.

Actually baju bandh came into picture with the Bharatnatyam dancers. Male dancers were adorn with some precisely prepared bajubands. It is also said that farmers previously also used to wear inexpensive bajubands as part of their culture. Wearing bajuband basically started in India, but now getting its fare share of fame globally too. Bajuband suits the most if worn with sleeveless outfits. You simply don’t need to wear any watch, bangle, bracelet or ring then. This piece of jewelry is simply unique in its own way as it’s not a mandatory one still if you are carrying it, then result would be tremendous. You will automatically becomes the centre of attraction.So show your fingers the way to the online shopping and bring in the best and a modish bajuband- the one that can go well with all your trendy outfits and you don’t need to scream for attention in the parties!


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