Wear Diamonds before you’re Forty!!!

A Glassy Tint

Easy to say “Wear diamonds before you’re Forty!!”, but I know it’s not that easy for your pocket too. We all are cognizant of a well known saying that Diamonds are girls’ best friends – adding one line at its tail – and Men’s worst ENEMY!!

So to add sparkle to your beauty, why to harass you bae or even squeeze your own bank account. Better use the substitute of diamond. Yes, American Diamond is what I am talking here! Its cost will never strain your pocket. Also it glistens like your own favorite diamond (though the shine will not last long). The other person can never doubt on your American diamonds unless and until some strong tests will be done on it. Look and touch wise, it’s simply diamond.

Another name for American diamonds is Cubic Zirconia. This beautiful jewelry is man-made impostor. Give your look a classy touch by carrying American diamond earrings. They will look elegant enough, plus affordable too. So just give this a try.

It’s not easy to gamble on the name of purchasing jewelry. But one can even do this on these man-made inventions as they are not expensive unlike real jewelry that can even do hole in your pocket. These impostors jewelry pieces lie in between Real and artificial jewelry. Former one is hard to buy and the later one completely looks fake. But American diamonds or imitation jewelry – both are good look wise as well as economical too. Imitation jewelry is just like the mirror image of the original pieces. One can barely raise their fingers on their originality just by having a glance at them.

This imitation jewelry is actually prepared with the inexpensive glass and stones or with semi-precious material too. It came into trend at the mid of 18th century. Also these imitation jewelries are something that one can freely carry in day-to-day life without the fear of missing or theft. Imitation jewelry varies from light weight to very heavy bridal or occasional pieces. So no need to wear the same and limited, heavy and boring original jewelry with all your outfits at different types of occasions. Let your pocket also take breathe.

Imitation jewelry even comes in variety of colors that will erase the dull trend of wearing same gold or silver color jewelry with all your dresses. Jewelry is just like the perfect blend of Spice that compliments what’s already there. Someone rightly said “Trendy is the last stage before Tacky!” So be a part of the latest trend or just be the trendsetter. So don’t just wrap yourself up with those bulky and tedious pieces. Try something new, pocket-friendly as well as modish too..!                                  



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